Eyelash lamination will make your gaze expressive and bright. Thanks to the natural curl, your eyes will appear alluring and wide awake even without a hint of makeup, looking attractive. Your eyes will seem larger and more open due to the lifting and curling of the lashes. This is especially noticeable for those with drooping eyelashes. Lamination is perfect for fans of a natural look.

This procedure allows your lashes to be infused with beneficial components. As a result, they appear well-groomed, elongated, curled, and gain desired volume, looking healthy and strong.

This treatment is a great find for those who like to sleep with their face on the pillow and wash their face in the morning and evening. After adhering to the restrictions during the first 24 hours post-lamination, you won't have to worry about washing your face along with cosmetics. If desired, you can apply eye makeup and easily remove it. Many are attracted to this procedure due to the eyelash durability, as it doesn't require immediate makeup application to look natural and beautiful.

Time spent on vacation also demands a certain level of grooming, and eyelash lamination is a great help. With it, there's no need to apply makeup on the beach or spend time applying mascara to look perfect. You can confidently dive without worrying about your appearance.

The coolest bonus is the long-lasting effect. It's like a high-quality manicure that won't disappear after a week but will be noticeable for up to 2 months. The effect will last as your natural eyelashes renew. Moreover, your lashes won't look terrible, even if you can't make it to the professional in time. The effect will fade gradually and seamlessly.

  • 1 hr 20 min
    Treatment duration
  • $50
    Cost of the treatment

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