Mechanical Facial Cleansing - a deep skin cleansing that removes blackheads and comedones. Deep-seated comedones, along with sebaceous plugs, can often be eliminated only through mechanical cleansing. It is highly effective, as it thoroughly removes all impurities. With a single session, it is possible to remove 90% of contaminants.

Suitable for all skin types.

The procedure includes:

- Skin cleansing

- Express massage

- Toning

- Steaming gel application

- Mechanical cleansing

- Pore-tightening mask

- Serum tailored to skin type

- Eye cream

- Face cream

- SPF protection

The primary benefits of mechanical facial cleansing include:

-Exceptional and long-lasting results;

-Ability to remove even the deepest comedones;


Drawbacks of mechanical facial cleansing:

-Some discomfort during the procedure;

-Noticeable puffiness and redness for several hours afterward;

-An extended recovery period, which can last up to two weeks.

  • 1 hr 30 min
    Treatment duration
  • $90
    Cost of the treatment

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